Managing Director's Message

Dear valued client,


On behalf of the SIC Insurance Company Limited, I bring you greetings and best wishes for this wonderful year 2012. Let us say thank you to the Almighty Father above for how far He has brought us as a nation.


We are delighted to identify with you especially this year which marks the occasion of our company’s 50th anniversary. For half a century, SIC Insurance has been on the frontline in nation building through solid financial protection in insurance.


It has been successful beyond the wildest imagination of its remarkably foresighted founders. Without exaggeration, over the past 50 years, hundreds of thousands of both corporate and individual lives have been touched or the severity of their risk lessened - in whole or in part - because of the fine work of this great institution. The journey that began in 1955 with four pioneers has been long, rigours, challenging yet worthwhile. Fifty years down the line, we proudly say kuduos to our pioneers for those rewarding efforts.


Our modest commendable achievements and leadership in the industry and country as a whole is credited to you and the trust imposed in us. Because of this we can say with confidence that SIC Insurance, the nation’s number one insurer has kept up with the demanding pace of change in the insurance marketplace over the past half century. We have every confidence that SIC Insurance will continue to excel over the coming years.


The decades ahead will bring its share of challenges since the industry is becoming more dynamic and evolving, but SIC is well positioned to provide unparallel insurance services to Ghana and beyond the borders of West Africa. As the crowned jewel of the industry, we shall use the momentum, the memories and the lessons of the past half century to guide us through the next half.


We indeed are proud to be of service to you, your esteemed company and our beloved nation Ghana. Join us as we celebrate this great milestone at 50!

May the peace and blessings of God Almighty rest and abide with you all.



Managing Director

SIC Insurance Company Limited

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