Governance - Celebrating Galant Leadership


In the formative stages, Messers J.K Abbensetts, R.S Amegashie and Professor J.C de Graft Johnson steered the affairs of the company as Board Chairmen.

Mr. Anthony Kobina-Woode
Executive Chairman

Mr. Osei Kufour
Executive Chairman

Mr. Joe Donkor
Head Interim
Management Committee (1982-1986)

Prof. C.O Quarcoopome

Mr. Atta Kesson

Mr. Larry Adjetey
(1998 - 2001)

Prof. I.M Ofori
(2001 - 2008)

Mr. Ayikoi Otoo
(2008 - 2009)

Mr. Max Cobbina
(2009 to present)

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