Frequently Asked Questions

  • Claims Management

    Claims management is the carrying out of the entire claims process with particular emphasis on the monitoring and lowering of claims review, investigation and negotiation. A claim is a request to be reimbursed (or compensated) filed by the insured and addressed to the insurer. 

  • Period Limit Within Which To Make A Claim

    • Injury/Death - up to 3 years from the date of accident
    • Damage - up to 6 years from the date of accident

    NOTE: Write a letter of claim directly to us as soon as practicable but within the above stated period.

  • Some Circumstances Under Which A Claim May Be Repudiated

    • Where an unlicensed person was driving
    • Where there was no insurance cover at the time of the accident
    • Where there is change of ownership of the vehicle insured
    • Statute barred claims; that is, where the claim was not submitted within the period stated in 3 above
    • Using the vehicle without the Insured's consent
    • Using the vehicle for unauthorized purposes
    • Using the vehicle whilst the driver is drunk
    • The police report is needed to help establish liability
  • What The Insured Should Do When An Accident Occurs

    • Always report accidents to the Police Report to us and complete an accident report form
    • Submit a photocopy of the driver's license 
    • Submit all claims, writs and letters unanswered to us
    • Do not admit liability, or make any payment or offer of payment without our consent
    • Do not effect repairs before we inspect the damage to the vehicle.

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