Professional Indemnity

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Professional Indemnity

Covers a professional against his legal liability to third parties incurred whilst engaged in his profession. For example, a patient instituting a claim against a Medical Officer who negligently prescribed a wrong drug to him. The Medical Officer may fall on his professional indemnity insurers to bail him out.

Exclusions on Professional Indemnity Cover

This policy shall not cover any claim or claims arising out of:

  1. Any negligent act, error or omission in connection with services or activities going beyond the scope of professional services typically performed as an architect and/or consulting engineer under domestic legislation, ethical codes and rules;
  2. The manufacture, construction, alteration, repair, servicing or processing of any goods or products sold, supplied or distributed by the Insured or out of any business or occupation other than that stated in the schedule, even though the same may be carried on by the Insured in conjunction with his business as stated in the schedule;
  3. Any contract where the Insured acts as a contractor, manufacturer or supplier, whether in conjunction with his profession as stated in the schedule or not;

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