General Liability

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General Liability

This policy protects an Insured against his/her legal liability to third parties for damages in respect of accidental:

  • Death or bodily injury including illness
  • Loss of or damage to tangible property

occuring within the territorial limits and arising in the course of or in connection with the insured's business.

For example, an insured's liability to a client going to the insured's office that falls and injures him or herself from a faulty staircase may be compensated under this policy.

Exclussions on General Liability cover includes:

  1. Insured’s employees
  2. Damage to:
    • Property belonging to the Insured
    • Property in the custody of the Insured or his employee
    • That part of property being worked on if the damage is as a result of such work
    • Product liability
    • Defective workmanship
    • Vibrations or removal of support
    • Contractual liability
    • Gradual pollution and clean-up cos
  3. Fines, penalties, punitive or vindictive damages
  4. Damages and costs awarded outside the jurisdiction stipulated in the policy

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