Business Interruption Or Loss Of Profits Insurance

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Business Interruption Or Loss Of Profits Insurance

Fire covers granted huge Industrial / Commercial concerns can be extended to cover consequential loss or Loss of Profits upon request.

A Fire causes not only material damage to property but a loss through interruption of turnover causing a business to cease earning profits. Our Loss of Profits Insurance makes good this type of loss.

Information required for Commercial Policy to be issued:

  1. Name & Address of Business Concern
  2. Type of Business / Occupation
  3. Construction of Building etc. (Please see details under Private Dwelling House)
  4. Values of Stock-in-Trade as ffs:
  5. Finished Goods
  6. Semi Finished Goods
  7. Raw Materials
  8. Fixtures, Fittings and Utensils-in-trade
  9. Office Equipment
  10. Other property to be insured

Types of Businesses Covered under our Policy for Business Premises include:

  1. Shops (Retail / Wholesale) & Contents
  2. Warehouses & Contents
  3. Manufacturing Concerns
  4. Petrol / Gas Filling Stations
  5. Printing Press & Contents
  6. Office Buildings & Contents etc.

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