Aviation Liability Policies

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Aviation Liability Policies

Aviation Liability Policies are Airport Operator’s Liabilities and refers to Anyone who operates in an airport. Such persons are subject to a variety of liabilities which can be grouped into three (3) as follows;

Premises Legal Liability:
This policy protects the insured against claims arising out of the use of his premises by third parties or passengers. This may include liability arising out of faulty elevators or escalators; liability arising out of contractor’s works, shops, restaurants and newsagents are also covered if necessary.
Hanger-Keepers Legal Liability:
The airport operator may act as bailee for aircraft parked over-night or for longer period. The hanger-keepers have liability for loss of or damage of the aircraft whilst it is in their care, custody or control.
Products Legal Liability:
Aircraft serviced or repaired on the premises or fuel sold, supplied or provided by the airport operator may lead to claims. The Policy may be extended to cover control tower liability.

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