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Welcome to SIC Insurance - Ghana's preferred Insurer for:    Motor   |    Accident   |    Fire    |    Marine & Aviation   |    Engineering & Construction   |    Workmen's Compensation   |    General Bonds   |   

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How To Make Your Motor Claim

Making a Non-Motor Claim

Claims: How To Make Your Motor Claim:

Everyone insures in order that when a loss arises, compensation is available.  At SIC we treat all legitimate claims with utmost urgency and pay claims promptly.


What The Insured Should Do When An Accident Occurs

Always report accidents to the Police

  • Report to us and complete an accident report form
  • Submit a photocopy of the driver’s license
  • Submit all claims, writs and letters unanswered to us
  • Do not admit liability, or make any payment or offer of payment without our consent
  • Do not effect repairs before we inspect the damage to the vehicle.


Who Can Make A Claim

  • The policy holder (Insured)
  • Any one whose property has been damaged by the insured vehicle
  • The injured victim (s)
  • The Administrator of a deceased’s estate
  • Parents or guardians in the case of minors

NOTE: Insured do not request claimants to engage the services of a lawyer; engaging the services of a lawyer is a matter of your choice


Period Limit Within Which To Make A Claim

  • Injury/Death - up to 3 years from the date of accident
  • Damage - up to 6 years from the date of accident

NOTE: Write a letter of claim directly to us as soon as practicable but within the above stated period.


Documents Required When Liability Is Accepted


Injury Cases

  • Police report
  • Medical report
  • Original receipts of Medical bills incurred (To justify the cost being claimed for)
  • Personal particulars
  • Affidavit
  • 2 passport-size pictures of the injured victim endorsed by the doctor who treated the victim


Deceased (Death) Cases

  • Police Report
  • Death certificate/Burial permit
  • Letters of Administration
  • Personal particulars of the deceased
  • Affidavit
  • Endorsed passport size pictures of Administrator (two each)


Property Damage Claim

  • Police Report
  • An estimate of the cost of repairs
  • Pictures of the damaged vehicle
  • Photocopy of the driver’s licence


Some Circumstances Under Which A Claim May Be Repudiated

  • Where an unlicensed person was driving
  • Where there was no insurance cover at the time of the accident
  • Where there is change of ownership of the vehicle insured
  • Statute barred claims; that is, where the claim was not submitted within the period stated in 3 above
  • Using the vehicle without the Insured’s consent
  • Using the vehicle for unauthorized purposes
  • Using the vehicle whilst the driver is drunk
  • The police report is needed to help establish liability

About Us  |   Insurance Policies  |   Claims  |   Branch Network  |   Downloads  |   News & Events  |   FAQ's  |   Photos  |  
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