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Welcome to SIC Insurance - Ghana's preferred Insurer for:    Motor   |    Accident   |    Fire    |    Marine & Aviation   |    Engineering & Construction   |    Workmen's Compensation   |    General Bonds   |   

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 FAQs – SIC e-insurance


Q. What is SIC e-insurance?


  • SIC e-insurance is the use of the internet and mobile technology to process your insurance requests online from the comfort of your office, home or any other location.  SIC Insurance Company Ltd. is leveraging on its state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to create convenience and enable you to buy and renew your policy within 24hrs.



  With this possibility, customers of SIC can buy and renew their insurance policy   remotely without having to physically visit any SIC office or agent.


Q. How will e-insurance work?


  • SIC has created an infrastructure that will allow its customers to go online to buy and renew their policies and generate an invoice number which they will then use to make payments.



 Q. Who qualifies to use the service?


  • All new and existing customers of SIC Insurance can use this service to buy and renew their policies and also initiate a claim.



Q. How do I access e-insurance?


  • You will need internet access from any location.  You can access this service by going onto our corporate website at www.sic-gh.com and clicking on the e-insurance link which will then allow you to create an account to use the service.



 Q. What can I do with e-insurance?


  • Once on our e-insurance site and have created an account, you can buy or renew your existing motor policy.  You can also initiate a claim once there has been an accident.



Q. How do I buy a new policy / renew my policy?

Step 1: Creating an account

1. Open your web browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

2. Go to our website at www.sic-gh.com and click on the e-insurance link.

  •  When the page is displayed, click on “Create Account”. 
  • Follow the prompts to create your account.


 *You will need an email address, as well as your mobile number to create an account.


3. Log onto your email to verify the account.  You will receive an email from SIC Team.

4.  Open the email and click on the verification link.

5. It will take you back to the SIC page and tell you "account successfully activated"

6. Click on the login link in the upper right corner of the page.

7. Enter your email and the password to login.

8. Once you’ve logged into your account, you may Click on the link in grey to buy a new     policy or activate your existing policy


Buying a New Policy 

 To buy a new policy, select the type of policy you want to buy e.g. Motor, Fire or Travel

  • Fill in the Proposal Form on the site with your details and click on “SUBMIT”.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.  You may also print a copy of your completed form.
  • An SIC representative will get in touch with you to process your request 


NOTE: The premium charged for Travel Insurance and Fire insurance will be visible at the end of the form. When you click submit, an invoice will be generated.  Use this to make payments at the Bank or with MTN Mobile money.


9. In the first login, you are required to activate your policy.  Click on the "activate policy" button.

10. In the POP-UP window, put in your policy number and any matching vehicle registration number on the    policy to proceed.  Please enter the policy number without spaces and the vehicle registration number in the following format: GS 1234 Z or GS 1234-12.

11. Once you activate your policy, it will automatically be set   as a default policy.  If it is the only policy you   have, you can click on the "Go to home page" to proceed, otherwise, you can activate another policy.  

12. Once on the homepage, you can do any of the following: Renew your policy, initiate a   claim, Track a claim, access news or seek for help.



 Step 2: Renewing your Policy

1. Click on policy renewal on the homepage.

2. Double check and verify your details to ensure that they are correct.

3. Choose a delivery location or nearest branch if you prefer to pick up your documents.

4. Click on “Renew Policy” to complete your request. A service and delivery charge of         Ghc 5.00 will be added to your Payment amount.  You will however not be charged for     delivery if you opt to pick up your documents.

5. The system will generate an invoice with a copy sent to your email address.

6. A text message will also be sent to your mobile phone with the invoice number and a summary of the amount you need to pay.

7. You will need your invoice number to make payments at any of the participating banks or simply pay using your MTN mobile money account.


SIC will confirm receipt of your payment, your policy will then be renewed and delivered to you within 24hrs. 


Renewals by Phone 

You can also renew your Policy by simply dialing any of our e-insurance lines

1. Call our e-insurance line 

2. Confirm your details i.e. Name, Policy Number and Car Registration Number

3. We will need your Mobile Number and Email Address

4. An invoice number will be given to you with a copy sent to your phone and email address.

5. When you have made your payment and SIC has confirmed your payment, your policy will be renewed and delivered to your chosen address.


Q. How do I make Payments?

 There are two payment options: 

  (i) You may pay with MTN Mobile Money; or 

(ii) Any of our partner banks listed below:


  • Agric Development Bank (ADB)
  • HFC bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Merchant Bank


Q. How do I make payments with MTN Mobile money?

You will receive an sms message with your invoice number as soon as you click on RENEW POLICY.

  • On your mobile go to My MTN
  • On My MTN, click on Mobile Money
  • Select Pay Bill and then select General Payment 
  • Enter INV followed by your invoice number e.g. INV 12345678
  • Enter your personal pin number
  • Wait for the prompt, check the amount shown and confirm your payment
  • When payment has been confirmed, SIC will notify you

Please click on the link below to learn more about MTN Mobile Money:



Q. Can I also pay by cheque?


  •   Yes.  You can pay by cheque. However you will only receive your documents when payment has been confirmed. 



 Q. How do I initiate a claim?

1. On the homepage, click on Make a Claim and select the type of claim you wish to make.  Fill out the form with the required information.  Please be as detailed and precise as possible.

2. Scan and upload all the required documents onto the site.

3. When you have completed the form, click on Finish to submit the form.

4. One of our officers will then get in touch with you to process your claim.

5. You may follow up on your claims on our site with Claim Tracker.

6. Any information SIC wishes to share with you concerning your claim will be shown in Claim Tracker.


Q. How do I get my policy documents and car sticker?


  • Once payment has been confirmed, we will deliver your policy documents and your sticker to you within the same day.



Q. How long will it take for me to get my documents?


  • You will receive your documents and car sticker on the same day your payment has been confirmed.



Q. What about my No Claims Discount (NCD)?


  • The No Claims Discount (NCD) will be factored into the amount on the invoice provided you have not made any claims.  Please contact your nearest office or agent should you have any concerns.



Other Lines of Business 

If you wish to buy insurance for all our other types of products e.g. Marine, Engineering and Construction, General Bonds, and Workmen’s Compensation, you may download a form from our website (www.sic-gh.com).  Fill out this form, scan it and email it to einsurance@sic-gh.com. 


Should you have any problems using our e-insurance service please contact us in any of the following ways listed below and we will be glad to assist you.


Direct Line: +233-(0)3027-70236

Toll free Line: +233-(0)80010005

Email: einsurance@sic-gh.com







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