Obligations Of Persons Intending To Insure

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Obligations Of Persons Intending To Insure

  • Completion of motor Proposal Form

  1. Full Disclosure of material information: You are to disclose to us
    1. Your full name, address, occupation, telephone no. etc.
    2. Details of the vehicle-including Registration No., Vehicle type or make, value, seating capacity and what the vehicle would be used for
    3. Details of persons who will drive
    4. Your insurance history [whether you have had previous motor insurance cover] and your claims experience
    5. Type of cover preferred

3. Payment of the Premium: All premiums are to be paid in full
4. Abide by the Policy Terms and Conditions e.g.

  1. The Certificate and the Policy are not transferable
  2. Any changes in the subject matter must be disclosed to us immediately.
  3. Ensure that the vehicle is well maintained and kept in good conditions at all times.
  4. Important Exceptions under the Policy
    1. Accident caused by unlicensed driver and/or driving without the consent of the policyholder
    2. Similarly driving under the influence of drugs and other intoxicating liquor is not admissible
    3. Using the vehicle for unlawful purposes
    4. Depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown or failure

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